Life Update + Favourites.

Hello everyone, so it turns out I’m pregnant lady since today. I’ve been feeling nauseous all week, I’ve craved pizza, cucumbers with nutella & strawberries. Not to mention my mood swings. I told my fiance, and he was so happy to hear this. It’s only 2 weeks but I’m so excited to have a big bump, and love my baby so much

My heart beats so hard, it’s something new to me. I still don’t know how I’ll handle this, but I have my fiance by my side, and my family. If there’s some pregnant bloggers, please give a comment, and let me know how you handle it! I’m scared so much, because i’m not experienced in this area at all. I was just lying in bed feeling bad as hell, and I got a call from my friend saying ”What if you’re pregnant?” And I was like… No way! But then I remembered it’s possible. I was crying in my bathroom for like 5 minutes, because we were trying for some time, and nothing. I think God blessed us with this amazing miracle.

So ending this subject, I’ll move on to Favourites. I know it’s almost the end of June, but in May I really loved yoga. If you didin’t tried it yet, do it now. Buy yourself a yoga mate, and relax. Clear your whole mind, and medidate for like a whole day. I watched like a hundred videos of yoga, how to exercise and I made it finally.


Another favourite has been Netflix, I think it’s been on since a month now. I can’t stop watching Gilmore Girls & Peaky Blinders. Two shows that are keeping me on so much, I don’t even need a coffee, because there’s so much drama & action. I’m in love with Cillian Murphy so much, he’s so handsome. Anyone loves him too? Let me know in the comments!


Have a lovely Sunday all of you, and see you soon!

Xoxo, Caroline.


Mental Health Update

My health has been good lately, I’m thankful for my family & friends who got me through that. It’s been two weeks since my last panic attack, and I can honestly say I kicked anxiety’s ass. Feeling proud of myself, because two years ago i wouldn’t do that, like ever. It’s been time-consuming just thinking about that, weeks and months. I suffer with anxiety and PTSD due to my dramatic chapter of my life, and panic attacks. It’s not easy, it’s never easy to talk about these things, even to your own parents. I spoke about it on my family event couple days ago, and I never thought they will react how they reacted. They were so good to me, and they supported me all the way, I had a tears in my eyes the whole time doing that.

Going out to the people with fears inside your head, it’s truly a traumatic experience. My friend survived a car accident, and to this day she has a PTSD, and she going to the therapy sessions all the time. I went out couple of times, to the therapist and I’m not embarrassed because it’s a normal thing! You should always have a chance to talk about your feelings, what’s been bugging you lately, and trust me going to the therapy, does not make you a weak human being, it makes you stronger. Because why? Because you actually had the courage to talk to someone, you had a courage to dress up, and actually leave your house. That’s the biggest achievement I know, and you should be proud of yourself. It took me a couple takes, but got up for it and let me say, I don’t regret it a bit.

Don’t take all the things people say too seriously, because people talk, people make rumours and then you feel so weak and anxiety takes your mind. Don’t let them do that, you’re stronger I know that. If people talk, that’s okay let them talk because you shine and they’re just jealous.


I hope this post helped some of you, I’ll post my Mental Health Update every month so I can help some of you. It’s important to talk about it on a daily basis.

Xoxo, Caroline.


The last time I posted was in February, and I’m so embarrassed! I’m so sorry everyone, Im missing the blogging, the whole community etc, so I decided to come back for good now. You can expect posts from me, activity and just being here daily. I just finished the exams, and from September I’ll be in USA. I got my visa, which I’m so happy about. You’ll get tons of photos from there, reviews from beauty products etc, so don’t worry. Oh and I have a new twitter account, so feel free to follow me CarBlogsx

So no new post today, but I just wanted to say hello to all my blogger followers, I’ve missed ya so much. Let me know in the comments, what would you like to see in my posts for this month / next one. All the suggestions would be so nice, and also tell me how you’ve been, how are you, what’s going on with your life.


Xoxo, Caroline.

March Goals.

I can’t believe it’s already March, on Thursday. I feel like February lasted like 5 minutes, while January like a whole lifetime. I’m writing from home, since it’s literally freezing outside. Who’s going out in that cold? Anyway, I thought I’ll write something today for you guys, since i posted last week.


I already have few things planned, for my posts. Like Interviews, more chatty ones etc. I know you guys like it, and I bloody love it. I like the idea of helping someone, through my posts, it’s amazing. Like the title says, I’d love to have some goals in March. I was supposed to have it now, but oops.

1. Plan some more trips – Because I want to see the world, and why waste time? I already booked trip to Finland in the fall, and NYC.

2. Have more Spring clothes – I have like lots of Summer clothing, but I’d love to have    more light coats, long skirts and maybe long sleeve shirts.

3. Take care of my blog – I’m always taking care of my baby, but having my own domain would be amazing this year, and prettier theme. Money, where are you?

4. Take more courses – I need to learn another language, because it’s fun! I love learning new things so much, like other country cultures etc.

5. Make new friendships – It’s important to have someone by your side, and having that person is amazing. I miss my friendship so much, but everyone grows up right? We change, we’re not the same anymore.

That’s all my goals for March, and maybe for the rest of year. I’m happy I took care of my mental health, and with me. My skin got better, I’ve never been happier because I always had problem with my face. I started to eat healthy, and I eat more fruit, also I drink lots and lots of water. I plan to write a little haul, but I don’t know when. Let me know in the comments, what would you like to see, for the future.

I recently bought Anastasia palette, and I fell in love. Lots things are coming, but soon! I might do a little giveaway, but I don’t know what things I would take yet. I hope you enjoyed this post guys. Have a nice morning, afternoon, day.

Caroline x


”The fear of facing your fears, is harder to overcome than the fear itself”

You might feel it on a daily basis. You must think, what life I’ve been having.

Surely you wouldn’t know, what would happen if you died right? Surely you don’t see your future self, being happy, with work and big house with family in it. You have fears. Fears which don’t usually happen to everyone. But, you must learn to live with them. Because fears, are the ones who’s messing your entire life. They don’t care about your feelings, they want to destroy your mind and think about the worst things that happen. Then you think yes, my life is not so colorful and what should I do? The fears  love manipulating with your mind. But the question is, would you let them?

Being a person with fears, taught me that I’m not that special as I thought I’ve been. Then I ask myself, if they’re going to get away? Let me live in peace? The most important rule, is to not let them win, never. Because showing your weaknesses, is only slowing you down.

You might think, what she’s writing about, and you probably think I’m weird. But my fears came the second, I got my anxiety and panic attacks. Being constantly reminded about it, ruined me. It ruined me, because it showed that I’ll never be the same. No matter how hard I tried, they never disappeared. I started in high school, when I was just a little teen, with wanting to meet someone. I never met anyone, besides my fears. Imagine walking down halls, with messy mind and embarrassment. Fears are no more like kids have, with monsters or darkness. It’s something much more bigger, something that won’t make you live anymore.

Couple weeks ago, I decided to start a therapy session. Was it mistake? No, because it’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I go there now every couple days, just to talk to my therapist, and share my problems and thoughts. I talked to her about my fears, and she said it’s never going to be the same, but I’ll make it work somehow. I’ll see the bright colours in my life. She always assures me, that by therapy she will help me. And I agreed with her, for the first time in weeks, I said i’m okay.

I did a post about anxiety, but this is something different. I talked about therapy session, which I went to, but I changed my therapist to my current one.

My point is, always get help even if you don’t need it, think about it. You always need someone by your side, no matter if it’s your therapist, or neighbour. I hope my post helped someone get through their problems, because mine are getting fixed with slow steps. Don’t let your fears come your way, let yourself win and be happy, be happy because life in some way, is good.


Please remember, always tell about your problems. You’re not alone.

Caroline x

Feeling Good-ish.

When I feel hopeless and without any energy, I love to read others blogs, and on that note I’ll be listing my favourite bloggers here. You guys, give me endless inspiration and motivation.

I have lots of bloggers, who deserve support and love because some of you, give so much to your blog, to your work and I admire that so much. Today is Friday, which usually is my favourite day of the week, but I feel like a zombie today. I can’t literally move, because everything hurts so badly. But, I always have time to write something for you guys.

First girl is

Katie’s blog for me, is such an inspiration for me, because her photos are amazing. Her Tarte Cosmetics Haul was so good, I love this brand so much. I have this highlighter is incredible guys, I think I remember the price, it was around £20-21.


Next blog is

What an inspiration to me, and other blogging community. I love her outfits, and everything about her.


Her theme is beautiful, I’ve never seen anything more prettier than this. I wish my blog would look like that! Anyway, her post about giving Fragrances for Mother’s Day, was so good, because I always struggle with buying present for my Mom. She deserves the world, and right now I don’t have any money, but I always figure it out.

Next one is

Her blog well, is so pretty too. I think everyone has a beautiful blog, so don’t mind me repeating myself all the time. Her post about taking a blog, to the next level inspired me so much. I’m the same with podcasts, I love listening to them on a daily basis. On that note, let me know in the comments, what is your favourite podcast.


Next one is

We’ve been chatting for quite some time now, and I can honestly say that Laura is the best at what she’s doing. Her blog is amazing, but I wish she could post more things there. I love her Instagram, and everything. She’s the nicest person ever, and you won’t regret knowing her. Also her pugs are the cutest!


Next one is

Lily is just the cutest human being, and I’m beyond happy for her engagement. I know the feeling, it won’t be long till the wedding! Maybe we’ll be wedding buddies? I read her engagement post about thousand times, I love reading stuff like that all the time! I won’t get bored guys. I visited Brighton when I was little, so I don’t remember much, but Summer here I come!


Next one is

Holly’s blog is pretty amazing, and I relate to so much in her Twitter bio! I mean I’m obssesed with Disney & Cats! I enjoyed her post about favourite fragrances, because I have like a hundred of them. I had Daisy from Marc Jacobs, and I was so surprised, because I thought it would be a disappointment, but I was so relieved because I loved the smell of it. Cheers babe!


I could go and on about my favourite bloggers, maybe I’ll do a part two someday. But for now, my bean soup is cooking, my period pains are giving me a zombie vibes so i’m heading off to my bed, to watch Netflix. I hope your day is amazing so far, keep it that way.

Caroline x

I’m Back.

It’s been a while, I know. My life has been crazy this month, and in January too. I’m still a nanny, and well I’m exhausted. But, I miss blogging and talking with you guys. So hello, I’m excited to be here once again. If there’s one thing I hate, about winter is my dying and dry hands. Literally they’ve been so bad lately, but I bought myself a hand cream today with raspberries. I hope it helps, because they’re bleeding too, from small spots.

The most exciting thing, is Zoella bringing out another book which I pre-ordered. I’m so proud of her, and well this is going to be, the most exciting book ever. It’s called ”Cordially Invited’‘ 

This is going to be a short post, because I have more prepared tomorrow, or on Saturday I don’t know yet. Anyway, I can’t believe it’s March so soon! It’s soon going to be Spring, and I can finally wear shorts or skirts! I’m obssesed with Spring, but I don’t like Summer. The only good thing about it, are my birthday and that’s it.

Let me know in the comments, what would you like to see on my blog this year. I have lots of ideas.

Caroline x