Chatty Friday

Hello guys

It is finally September. Although weather is still the same, unfortunately hot. But I’m waiting for official Autumn. Today I wanted just, to chat a little bit about everything.

School is starting soon, so just a little advice. Don’t stress out, if you want to learn, learn. Create yourself a place to study, quiet one. Remember about opening a window, it makes you think better. Sometimes a library is the best place to study.


When it comes to school, the best way to get through it, to be organized. Without this, it will be a mess.

Tips for being organized all the time

1.Start journaling – The best way to keep your thoughts, it’s to write it on the paper. By organizing your thoughts into a journal, you’ll have a clear head.

2. Optimize your to-do list – If you have a busy day, or full of tasks, it easier to do a list. For example: Clear out my desk, clean the space, write something for work etc. It’s honestly a life saver.

3. Keep your calendar close – Successfully cross things you’ve done. Keep it updated all the time.

4. Control your time – It’s better to be on time, not always late. Being on time, makes you better organized in life, and you always have an extra hour to do something.

5. Take care of yourself – With all your busy days, remember about yourself. Take some time for a food, or cup of tea. It’s always better to even take a nap. Stress is not something we want all the time. Think positively, surround yourself with family and friends.

What to do on a bad afternoon?

Make a spa in your house. There’s nothing better then face masks, and a bubble bath. Invite your friends, don’t be alone.

Cook yourself something good, and watch a movie. Get your blanket, and just relax.


I hope these tips helped a little, I’m terrible at them really. But i try to keep being organized all the time, and my calendar helps me with that. Today I feel so drained, and I have no idea why. It’s so upsetting. Anyways, see you very soon guys.

I hope your Friday is amazing so far, I love you all so much.


Mental Health

Hello everyone.

Welcome again on my blog, i missed you all. Today i want to share with you, how anxiety & panic attacks affected me.

Anxiety is not an easy subject, believe me. Feeling unwelcome, not like yourself. This feeling holds me down, for such a long time. I don’t know how to escape, i really don’t.

I think you have to fight this, with everything you have. Anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness and worry, usually generalized and unfocused as an overreaction to a situation that is only subjectively seen as menacing.

Genuinely feeling like shit, it’s not something i love daily. When i was in school, like three years ago i cried like a baby. Not because of lessons, or anything. Just because i was bullied, and it made me feel weak. I felt weak so much, that i didn’t know what to do. Should i call for help? Should i tell my parents? At the end, i didn’t do anything.

I just waited for this to go away, and you know what? It finally did. It caused me like a thousand panic attacks, during lessons too. I felt so unwelcome in this classroom, but i decided not to give up on myself. School ended, but i still have anxiety. Whenever someone yells at me, or i feel sad, i’m having these thoughts like i’m not good enough. Like okay, it’s my worst nightmare but i have to fight back. I have to show myself, and others what i can do.

Obviously a lot of people were judging me, that i was such a cry baby. I’m vulnerable so what? I was born that way, and i don’t want to change at all.


If you are reading this and you are one of those people, please remember to stay strong, stay happy and keep positive mind. You’re not alone in this at all. You always have your parents, friends, close family. if you consider therapy session, do it. It’s not something to be ashamed of. It can really help your anxiety behaviour, and yourself.

Anxiety contains my mind in like 30% now. Three years ago it was 80%, and i really needed help. My family helped through everything, and i’m so grateful for them. Remember anxiety it’s not something you are, is just a little part of you.

If you have problems, panic attacks don’t wait, go to see a therapist or tell your family, friends. I waited for a while, but finally i decided to tell everything. Seeing your therapist can help you so much, it’s not your enemy it’s your friend. You don’t have to miss the great experiences in your teen life, have fun, don’t be afraid. You always have someone to be there for you.

I hope this post will help a lot of readers right now. I love you all so much, don’t be afraid, don’t be alone when you’re not. Have a lovely Monday, see you all soon.

Let me know in the comments, your experience with Anxiety etc.


Hello everyone.

My day was so lazy today, due to my period cramps. But i’m so much better now, and i thought why not a blog post for you guys?

August is almost ending, and it makes me so much excited for Autumn. This should be my name, because honestly I’m obssesed. I’m like Lorelai Gilmore, but instead of smelling snow, i smell Autumn. Super power. Right, starting to getting normal.

Who doesn’t love these colorful leaves, hot chocolate, long jumpers etc? Basically it’s what I love the most. Even though, Autumn makes everyone scared because of school, I feel so relieved i’m done with school. Not entirely, but I’m going only on weekends.


When this season is already on, I love to relax in a nice long bath, with some candles and watching videos from my favorite youtubers.

What to do on a colder and rainy days?

I’ve been binge watching Chicago Med this month. I already ended 2 seasons, and I’m waiting for another one. It’s a medical tv show, like Dr. House. I recommend it to everyone.

Besides that, you should totally check out The Bold Type. New tv show, about three women who work at Scarlet magazine. It’s honestly so good.


Another thing to do, is taking a nap. Who doesn’t love that? I sometimes take naps, who last like two or three hours. It makes you so relaxed, and in Autumn it rains a lot, which makes you tired or sleepy. I don’t drink coffee, so i usually take an easier method.


Reading a book during colder weather. It’s amazing and addicting. I finished Girl Online recently, and i have to buy two last parts. I’m so proud of Zoe, because it’s honestly amazing. Other then that, i love reading dramas & romance.

Autumn music. Maybe there’s not such a thing as Autumn music, but to me always. For example when you are in bed, and want to listen to something, i highly recommend Vampire Weekend – Step.

Watch a movie. Nothing beats lying in bed with your laptop on, and lots of snacks while watching a romantic or another genre movie.

Tidy up your room. I feel so much better when my room is cleaned, even though i’m so messy. I’m such a freak because i always want my room to be darker, but this sun is ruining this for me! Don’t forget about scented candles, i love Yankee Candles so much. They are a little expensive, but i love them anyway.

Lots and lots of cups of tea / coffee / hot chocolate. What’s Autumn without these amazing beverages?

Guys, there is nothing i want more, then wearing long oversized jumpers, enjoy fire from chimney, while sipping a cup of hot tea. To many people Autumn is such a mess, because of the rain. But appreciate this season more! Besides Fall has so many amazing holidays, festivals, for example Thanksgiving and Halloween.

Let’s talk about Halloween shall we? I’m a freak when it comes to horror movies, scaring someone. I’m always covering my eyes while watching Annabelle or Exorcisms. But kids have so many fun telling Trick or Treat, and they look so cute in their costumes. I had a few scary situations in my life, so i believe in ghosts. I tell myself there are good and bad ghosts.

Let me know in the comments, your favourite thing to do in the Autumn time, your guilty pleasures in movies and books. Share a recipe for a good hot chocolate, i’m excited to try one.  Have a lovely afternoon or evening, and see you guys soon.

New Beginning.

Hello everyone

I decided to start a blog, and why not? I mean basically I’ve been admiring other people blogs, and i just got inspired.

This blog will be a mix of lifestyle, little fashion and beauty. I hope everyone will enjoy this, like i do.

Give me some suggestions in the comments, what post you’ll like the most. I’m thinking something about Autumn maybe. I want Summer to end already! I’m weird i know.

So see you all tomorrow, with a brand new post. Take care, have a nice day / evening.